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Garage construction

Garages: A Practical Solution

There are a lot of practical reasons to have a garage, especially in Maine. Our winters can be very hard on vehicles, with snow and ice that is a pain to remove and can ultimately damage your vehicle. Then, the rest of the year, occasional hail and windstorms can cause all kinds of damage. Even in the spring and summer, you can cut down on car washes by keeping your car housed in your beautiful new garage!

Garages aren’t just for cars, though, they are your own personal supply depots, offering dry, safe storage for tools, mowers and tractors, wood pellets, and anything else you need to keep dry and safe for later use. There is a nearly romantic appeal to having a garage you can use for any DIY projects you’ve been meaning to get to, but simply don’t have the space for. Even something as simple as changing your own oil is dramatically easier with a well-built garage.

Garages also considerably increase the value of your property. Not only does this mean you could sell your home for more in the future, but it can also be leveraged for better terms on all kinds of refinance loans, or even reverse mortgages. Many car insurers offer discounts for garaged cars as well.

The Right Garage Builder for the Job

These benefits only hold true if you have the right garage builder, though. A poorly built garage that has a leaky roof, failed foundation, an improperly installed bay door, or other flaws will not offer the protection your vehicles and tools require. Garage construction may seem simple compared to a home, and some garages are simple, but you don’t want to give your property an Achille's heel in the form of a badly built garage.

At Kev & Sons, we have been building garages for 16 years. We have built garages as extensions to homes, often with a loft or added room above the garage. Other times we construct stand-alone, detached garages. Whether you need a single bay, 2 bays, 3, or more, we are the experts you need to build any style of garage you need.

As with all the projects we undertake, we offer you affordable high-quality workmanship that will get your garage built to your specifications, on budget, and on time. That’s worth saying again: we will complete your project to your specifications, on time, and on budget.

We encourage you to give us a call to set up an appointment to talk about your plans. We prefer to ensure that we are a good fit for any potential client and that we will be able to work together efficiently. It is important to like your builder and to develop a relationship because we will be communicating very frequently. With great communication, we can make the building process as easy as possible.