30 Years Building Quality Homes in Maine

Log Home construction

A Timeless Aesthetic

There is a great romantic appeal to log homes. From modest hunting lodges built in isolation in the woods to the impressive log forts built in Maine centuries ago (some of which are still standing today), no other building material is quite like logs. Some of us have been dreaming of our own log home since we played with Lincoln Logs as children, others have come to the dream more recently, but if you love log homes, you’re in good company with us.

Log homes are beautiful, rustic, and can last for more than a century when built right. However, if they’re built wrong, they can last barely a decade. This is why you always want experts to build any log home or cabin. With all the additional construction considerations over standard modern construction such as managing rainwater to keep logs dry, providing adequate insulation, and keeping your many fittings tight, you have to have the right log home builder for your project.

Your Expert Log Home Builders

Not all log homes are created equal. An inexperienced log home builder might make mistakes that cause you headaches for years or heartache when your home is no longer livable. Even small mistakes, or prioritizing aesthetics over functionality in the wrong places, can lead to catastrophic problems, such as rotting or infested walls that could make your home unlivable, or lead to expensive repairs. If your builder only has experience with typical modern construction, they may be unable to avoid these costly mistakes.

Because you need a real expert, at Kev & Sons, we specialize in building log homes. We want nothing more than to help make your log home dream a reality. Whether your log home construction project is a prefab kit or full log construction, our attention to detail and reputation as quality builders offer you peace of mind.

We work with Moosehead Cedar Log Homes which has been lovingly creating log homes for more than three decades. Our partners in Greenville, ME have been building cedar log homes from the finest white cedar stands in the northern regions surrounding Maine. Cedar is the best kind of wood for building log houses, with tight growth rings that provide the most structural integrity. Cedar also is one of the most insect-repellant woods in the world, with natural oils that help to keep your home pest-free. Their logs are selected, inspected, and held to a quality standard that only cedar can attain.

If you have been waiting for the right time to build a gorgeous log home call Kev & Sons Construction. We will walk you through your options and the planning process. We have the experience to find whatever you are looking for and lead you through the entire construction process.