30 Years Building Quality Homes in Maine

New Construction

The Benefits of New Construction

New home construction is a serious undertaking, but it can be one of the most rewarding choices you make in your life. With good communication and the right new home builder, your new home can meet every need your current residence does not. The ability to completely customize your home to meet your tastes and needs makes your new house feel immediately like home.

The other main benefit of new home construction is the certainty you have in the sturdiness and longevity of your house. Old buildings have their charms, but they can suffer from any number of structural problems. Many of the most insidious problems can become very advanced before you’re aware of them, such as mold or a failing foundation. New construction is built to modern code, and without previous owners, you can be sure there are problems lurking in your near future.

Planning Your New Your Dream Home

Building a new home is a dream many of us hold dear, but the process of actually achieving the dream can be seriously overwhelming. Once you’re done dreaming, before you even begin the serious planning of who is going to actually build the house, on what land, and when, your first step is developing a realistic budget.

For most, the first step is to meet with a loan officer and get prequalified for a construction loan. Think of this as your maximum budget. Once you understand what’s available, it’s up to you to figure out how much you’re comfortable spending.

You have to consider not only what you can afford to spend, but maintain a realistic understanding of what your home will cost. It is essential to balance your wants and needs against your budget.

Finding the Right New Home Builder

If you find a builder that you can easily communicate with, it makes the whole process much easier. When choosing a building contractor investigate their past work. Be sure to look at the builder’s website to see the quality of work in their past projects, and check their references and reviews. This way, you can choose a builder who is competent and honest.

If you’re just starting your process, a home buyer will usually choose a builder and they will help to identify the best lot and house style for the buyer. Other times a client will already have purchased the land prior to choosing the builder. Either way, a capable and reputable builder like Kev and Sons Construction will help guide you through the home building process, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Why Choose Kev & Sons Construction?

Here, at Kev & Sons Construction, we offer the highest quality work while offering prices for today's market. Our commitment to design and implementation goes beyond creating a quality living space that is visible to the eye, it is about extending that quality into the structure of the home. When you work with us, we aim to create a building of enduring quality. We firmly believe that homes are meant to last beyond a lifetime.

We encourage you to give us a call when you’re ready to schedule a meeting to discuss your future home. Even if building a new home is some time away, making sure that you can communicate well with your contractor, and building trust and a relationship are important to the success of your project. It is so very important to like your builder since you will need to correspond and cooperate on a regular basis about many subjects for a long time.

Once we know that we can work together we can start working on a plan for new home construction. If you need help with a design, blueprints, a building plan, or construction, we are happy to answer all the building questions you have. We build from the ground up and take responsibility for all the details such as securing permits, land clearing, and creating the foundation of your new home.